Wine List




Prosecco Ceradello Brut Single Estate (Organic) BHD 5.300
Aromas of orchard fruits, touch of citrus, floral, round with a zesty dry finish.



Rosato Voga delle Venezie BHD 5.300
Aromas of strawberry, red currant, honey, floral notes, elegant off dry finish.



Riesling By The GlaSs Villa Huesgen Trocken BHD 5.500
Aromas of green apple, peach, apricot, lemon, juicy, fruity, dry mineral finish.


Picpoul de Pinet L’Ormarine Carte Noire BHD 4.700
Generous notes of white stone fruits, citrus, crisp apple, grassy, floral, long dry finish.


Chardonnay Nederburg BHD 5.300
Aromas of citrus, peach, apricot, touch of oak, creamy notes, fresh dry finish.



Valpolicella Ripasso Aristocratico BHD 5.700
Dark cherries, vanilla, chocolate notes, medium to full bodied, complex dry finish.


Pinot Noir Gran Reserva Novas Emiliana BHD 5.700
Aromas of cherry, raspberry, spicy notes, ripe black summer fruits, silky dry finish.


Merlot Soliti Tenuta Il Cascinone BHD 5.300
Dark plums, blackberry fruits, spices, toasty character, firm, full bodied dry finish.



507 Lallier Grand Cru Brut (FRA)
2012 BHD 120
503 Charles de Laroche Brut (FRA)
N/V BHD 54
502 Carbon (Former Formula 1
Champagne) Brut (FRA)
N/V BHD 139
512 Orpale de Saint-Gall Blanc de
Blancs Grand Cru Brut (FRA)
2008 BHD 235
505 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin La
Grande Dame Brut (FRA)
1996 BHD 280
509 Dom Pérignon Brut (FRA)
2008 BHD 450
520 Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial
N/V BHD 170
521 Josephine by Joseph Perrier
Brut (FRA)
2002 BHD 220
508 Lallier Blanc de Blancs
Grand Cru Brut (FRA)
N/V BHD 160
504 Gremillet Blanc de Noirs Brut (FRA)
506 Gremillet Brut (FRA)
2011 BHD 85


513 Moët & Chandon Brut (FRA)
N/V BHD 180
424 Prosecco Voga Brut Rose (ITA)
N/V BHD 23
517 Charles de Laroche Premier
Cru Brut (FRA)
N/V BHD 85
423 Prosecco Voga Brut (ITA)
N/V BHD 26
425 Prosecco Ceradello Brut Single
Estate (Organic) (ITA)
N/V BHD 26

Rosé Wine

415 Voga Rosato Delle Venezie
2020 BHD 26
Very fresh rose petals, cranberry, red berry aromas, dry, light bodied, elegant aftertaste.
416 M de Château Minuty Côtes de
Provence (FRA)
2022 BHD 32
Pink salmon colour, aromas of orange peel, red currant, smooth acidulous, dry finish.
418 Rosé d’Anjou Domaine du Pré Clos
2021 BHD 32
Pink colour, medium dry with peach, strawberry, red berry notes, round, zesty with a fruity finish.
417 Mateus Rosé (POR)
N/V BHD 32
Medium sweet, intense refreshing red berries and floral notes with a slightly fizzy finish.

Sweet Wines

By Bottle Only

601 Audace Du Coing (FRA)
2009 50 cl BHD 60
Grape Variety: Melon de Bourgogne
Medium sweet, packed with
citrus elements finishing in a
fruity yet fresh aftertaste.
605 Riesling Late Harvest Greywacke
2011 37.5 cl BHD 65
Grape Variety: Riesling
Medium sweet, candied lemon, vanilla custard honeysuckle blossom citrus and honey.
602 Semillon Late Harvest Valentin
Bianchi (ARG)
2011 37.5 cl BHD 28
Grape Variety: Semillon
Loaded with peach, honey and
citrus undertones, candied
orange peel very sweet.
606 Château Andoyse du Hayot
Sauternes (FRA)
2013 75 cl BHD 60
Grape Variety: Sauvignon
blanc 10%, Sémillon 90%
Candied fruits, orange
marmalade, barley sugar, notes of
honey, brisk acidity, very sweet.
603 Gewürztraminer Late Harvest
Montes Alpha (CHI)
2012 37.5 cl BHD 30
Grape Variety: Gewürztraminer
Apricot, honey and Lychee are
the dominant force here, quite
rich and very sweet.
607 Coteaux du Layon 1er Cru
Chaume Petit Metris (FRA)
2014 75 cl BHD 39
Grape Variety: Chenin Blanc
Aromas of orange, acacia, citrus fruits, bee wax, peach, great tonicity, long sweet finish.

604 Fairview ‘La Beryl Blanc’ (SA)
2014 50 cl BHD 50
Grape Variety: Chenin blanc
and Muscat de Frontignac
Quite sweet, tropical fruits, orange blossom, honey, and citrus and baked apples.
608 Gewürztraminer Turckheim
Vendange Tardive (FRA)
2015 50 cl BHD 43
Grape Variety: ewürztraminer
Aromas of orange, citrus, apricots, tropical fruits, crisp acidity, rich floral, sweet long finish.
609 Moscato Palazzina Vendemmia
Tardiva (ITA)
2015 37.5 cl BHD 15
Grape Variety: Moscato (Muscat)
Aromas of acacia honey, marmalade, apricots, zesty citrus acidity with a lingering sweet finish.
610 Tündérmese Kardos Late
Harvest Tokaj (HUN)
2017 50 cl BHD 21
Grape Variety: Furmint,
Harslevelu, Muscateddu
Orange, quince, melon, yellow apples,
Pear flavours, great acidity, long
medium sweet finish.
611 Monbazillac Domaine de
Grange Neuve (FRA)
2018 50 cl BHD 31
Grape Variety: Semillon 80%,
Sauvignon Blanc 10%, Muscadelle 10%
Aromas of nectarine, melon, coffee, toffee, orange zest, fresh, sweet luscious finish.
612 Daschbosch Old Vine Hanepoot
2016 37.5 cl BHD 33
Grape Variety: Hanepoot (Muscat
Aromas of honey, orange blossom,
fruitcake, citrus peel, mandarin, intense
sweet finish.



From its natural home in Burgundy France, this versatile grape variety can be grown in various climates, add some oak ageing and it takes on a different personality and flavors, citrus, tropical fruits, vanilla, yeasty notes, nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, lemon peel, honey, nectarine, butter, toasted oak. We start our world tour from its Kingdom in France traveling to Chile, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Italy.


448 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru Champs
Gains Belland
2015 BHD 139
Notes of citrus, nectarine, peach, toasted oak, vanilla, great structure, dry bold finish.
257 Meursault Genevrières 1er Cru
Latour- Giraud
2012 BHD 135
Stone fruits, honeysuckle, butterscotch, framed and structured with good acidity on the finish.
411 Chablis Domaine de Vauroux
2021 BHD 45
Dry, crisp, mineral, a bag of almonds and citrus leading to a brisk refreshing dry finish.
283 Macon-Villages Domaine Sainte
Barbe Les Tilles
2019 BHD 42
Rich palate with honey, citrus notes, yeasty, aged on lees, round with a long dry finish.
256 Meursault Bouchard Ainé & Fils
2011 BHD 95
Lemon, lime, orange peel, firm acidity with a dry refreshing mineral elegant finish.

245 Pernand-Vergelesses Vallet frères
2018 BHD 75
Aromas of pear, baked apple, custard, hazelnuts, lemony acidity, butter, honey dry finish.
468 Chassagne Montrachet Albert
2018 BHD 165
Gentle aromas of cream, citrus fruits, yeast, toasted hazelnut, smooth and rich finish.
291 Viré-Clessé Chazelles Domaine
Sainte Barbe
2020 BHD 53
Aromas of white flowers, ripe stone fruits, light touch of oak, complex savoury dry finish.
450 Pouilly Fuissé Grande Réserve
Domaine Saumaize
2020 BHD 59
Aromas of exotic fruits, touch of oak, nutty notes, rich yet elegant full-bodied dry finish.
293 St Aubin 1er Cru ‘Dents de Chien’
Dom Berthelemot
2019 BHD 90
Aromas of stone fruits, vanilla, toasted notes, Juicy palate, complex, saline mineral finish.
412 Puligny Montrachet Albert Bichot
2019 BHD 185
Aromas of citrus fruits, toffee, caramel, pineapple, banana, crisp with a complex finish.
253 Corton Charlemagne Vallet
2019 BHD 295
Complex aromas of chamomille, butterscotch, oak, vanilla, honeycomb, dry firm and long finish.


442 Cervaro Della Sala Antinori
2016 BHD 295
Subtle notes of citrus, orchard fruits, spices, oak, full-bodied and complex dry finish.


(New Zealand, USA, Chile, Australia, South Africa & Argentina)

278 Chardonnay Sileni Estates ‘The
Lodge’ Hawke’s Bay (NZ)
2018 BHD 41
Rich aromas of ripe stone fruits, hazelnuts, figs, vanilla, round, creamy, finishing long, dry.
489 Chardonnay Onannon (AUS)
2016 BHD 72
Stone fruits, butter, subtle oak, vanilla, nectarine, spices leading to a full-bodied dry finish.
296 Chardonnay Callender Peak Ceres
Plateau (SA)
2018 BHD 59
Aromas of honeycomb, vanilla, yellow citrus, pineapple, toast, focused acidity, crisp finish.
254 Chardonnay Nederburg (SA)
2021 BHD 25
Notes of lime, citrus, peach, apricot, touch of oak, cream too, crisp and fresh dry finish.
443 Chardonnay Nielson Santa
Barbara County (USA)
2019 BHD 45
Aromas of citrus flower, cream, tropical fruits, touch of honey, silky with a fresh dry finish.
268 Chardonnay Tabali Talinay
Vineyard (CHI)
2020 BHD 53
Aromas of Tropical Fruits, lemon,
mandarin, herbs oak, hazelnut, firm
acidity, dry intense finish.

263 Chardonnay Adelsheim Caitlin’s
Reserve (USA)
2013/14 BHD 72
Flavours of apples, roasted hazelnuts, butter, straw, touch of oak in a focused dry finish.
274 Chardonnay Gran Reserva Novas
(Organic) (CHI)
2021 BHD 33
Aromas of citrus fruits, pineapple, apricot, melon, hazelnuts, vanilla, vibrant fruity finish.
280 Chardonnay Cadus Vista Flores
2019 BHD 43
Aromas of citrus, white stone fruits, green apple, salted butter, juicy texture and silky finish.



Originated from Bordeaux in France, Sauvignon Blanc is planted in many of the world’s cool climate wine regions, producing a crisp, dry, white wine, once hooked, you’ll never let go. Let’s explore the kings of the Loire valley in France with its elegant, mineral and refreshing style, then a bit of The New World. 


440 Sancerre Terres Blanches
Domaine Roblin
2021 BHD 56
Aromas of ripe melon, pear, grapefruit, citrus fruits, nettles, white currants, dry complex finish.
286 Sancerre Domaine Tassin
2021 BHD 49
Ripe gooseberry, yellow fruits, elegant, rich, energetic, complex, fresh mineral dry finish.

THE NEW WORLD (New Zealand, Chile and South Africa)

292 Sauvignon Blanc Porcupine
Ridge Boekenhoutkloof (SA)
2022 BHD 27
Aromas of lemon, grass notes, melon, mango, gooseberry, crisp and fresh dry finish.
490 Sauvignon Blanc Sileni Estates
Cellar Selection Marlborough (NZ)
2022 BHD 31
Aromas of grapefruit, lemon, lime, nettle,
and green grass with an intense and complex dry finish.
454 Sauvignon Blanc Errazuriz
Single Vineyard (CHI)
2021 BHD 42
Aromas of citrus, mandarin, grapefruit,
herbal notes, layered with a persistent
dry finish.



Riesling is a German aromatic grape variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed aromas as well as high acidity and versatility with food. Let’s start with Germany its natural home.


449 Riesling By The Glass Villa Huesgen
2021 BHD 26
Aromas of green apple, peach, apricot, hint of lemon, discreet minerality, dry, finish.
244 Riesling Feinherb Gymnasium
Fritz Willi
2020 BHD 37
Aromas of ripe apricot, citrus fruits, zesty lemon sorbet, saline notes, off dry crisp finish.
248 Riesling Dry Bischöfliche
2020 BHD 36
Aromas of tangerine, lemon zest,
green apples, stone fruits, lingering dry yet fresh finish.

THE NEW WORLD (Australia, New Zealand)

458 Riesling Spy Valley Marlborough
2015 BHD 35
Fresh lime, gooseberry, citrus, crisp yet oily texture, fruity, finishing with intense flavours.
266 Riesling Classic Framingham
Marlborough (NZ)
2020 BHD 42
Aromas of lime, lemon, mandarin, stone fruits, orange, vibrant, complex, zesty fresh finish.
451 Riesling ‘Springvale’ Jeffrey Grosset
2013 BHD 65
Very crisp, mineral, displaying rich lemon and lime aromas, notes of honey, focused finish.




284 Riesling Réserve Cave de
2020 BHD 33
Aromas of fresh cut limes, hint of petrol, honey, white peach, intense with fruity yet dry finish.


Pinot Gris is a white wine grape originally from the vineyards of Burgundy. It is now found in wine regions all over the world. … Pinot Gris is a pink-skinned mutation of Pinot Noir.


419 Pinot Grigio Voga delle Venezie
2021 BHD 27
Nectarine, dried lemon, pears, floral, silky, lightly aromatic, with a dry elegant fresh finish.



247 Perrette et les Noisetiers Côtes de Duras
2008 BHD 70
Yellow stone fruits, vanilla and butter, some citrus elements, rich and complex finish.
453 Picpoul de Pinet L’Ormarine
Carte Noire
2021 BHD 23
Generous notes of white stone fruits, citrus, crisp apple, grassy, floral, long dry finish.
265 Vouvray Les Coteaux Tufiers
2021 BHD 27
Aromas of lime, melon, walnuts, honey, apple, off dry style, refreshing long aftertaste.


456 Grüner Veltliner Loimer Kamptal
2011 BHD 54
Spicy, peppery exotic notes, grapefruit, long and textured, medium bodied dry finish.


290 Gavi di Gavi Marchesi di Barolo
2021 BHD 49
Aromas of lime, lemon, golden apple, almonds, floral notes, intense dry finish.
474 Lugana ‘Vigneto Massoni’ Santa
2013 BHD 61
Lemon, elderflower, citrus, almonds, oak, intense full flavoured, dry with a long finish.
446 Soave ‘Otto’ Prà
2020 BHD 35
Vibrant mix of nectarine, ginger, orchard blossom, jasmine, hawthorn, silky, long finish.
261 Gavi di Gavi Nuovo Quadro
2021 BHD 37
Aromas of citrus fruits, pear, lime,
gooseberry, firm acidity, complex, long
refreshing dry finish.

NEW WORLD and OLD WORLD (South Africa, Australia)

242 Chenin Blanc Steen Drostdy-Hof
2020 BHD 21
Fruity, off dry, elderflower, citrus, floral notes, easy, pleasing, effortless refreshing wine
262 Viognier ‘All Out’ (AUS)
2016 BHD 24
Plump apricots, succulent peach, sweet
spices, lanolin, bee wax finishing in a dry



A red Bordeaux blend is primarily composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, with smaller portions of Malbec, Petit Verdot and very occasionally Carménère. The best wines from top Château are made to last for more than 30 years in some cases for great vintages. The left bank of the Gironde River is dominated by the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot grapes varieties thriving on the gravel, sandy soils. The right Bank, Merlot again and Cabernet Franc this time are more involved in the wine’s final blend dominated by clay and limestone rich soils more suited to them.


Bordeaux (Haut-Médoc)

371 Château Peyrouley Bordeaux
2020 BHD 26
Aromas of cassis, plums, chocolate, herbs, firm acidity, smooth and round dry finish.
187 Château Cantemerle 5ème Grand
Cru Classé
2019 BHD 79
Aromas of ripe black fruits, spices, tobacco, ripe tannins, medium-bodied dry finish.

St Estephe

194 Château Meyney
2018 BHD 90
Aromas of blackcurrants, blackberries,
hint of spices, intense, long full-bodied
190 Château Haut Marbuzet
2018 BHD 125
Aromas of black cherries, smoke,
tobacco, expresso, vanilla, rich, full-
bodied firm finish.


208 Château du Grand Soussans
2019 BHD 59
Aromas of blackcurrant, ripe dark berry fruits, medium to full-bodied, long, dry finish.
189 Château Desmirail 3ème Grand Cru
2019 BHD 99
Aromas of blackcurrants, plums, oak, vanilla, silky tannins, structured with a long finish.
003 Château Brane-Cantenac 2ème
Grand Cru Classé
2010 BHD 435
Ruby colour, blackberry, leather,
cherry, vanilla, polished tannins,
complex, dry finish.
192 Château Labégorce
2018 BHD 99
Aromas of black cherry, blackcurrant, spices, kirsch, licorice, silky full-bodied dry finish.
176 Château Tayac
2019 BHD 75
Aromas of cassis, blackcurrant leaves,
mocha, some oak, structured, full, firm
dry finish.


129 Château La Croix St Georges
2010/11 BHD 150
Red and black plums, touch earthy, oaky leading to a dry medium to full-bodied dry finish.
128 Château Petit Village
2009 BHD 210
Juicy, smoky, vibrant acidity and sweet fruit, plums, spices, complex, full-bodied dry finish.
116 Château Beauregard
2012 BHD 135
Dark berries, chocolate oak, toast, firm acidity and tannins, touch of sweetness, dry finish.
122 Clos René
2018 BHD 120
Aromas of dark fruits, tobacco, toasted spice, forest floor, balsamic notes, silky dry finish.

Pessac Léognan & Graves

006 Domaine de Chevalier Grand Cru
2010 BHD 435
Dark purple, chocolate, oak, blackberry, red currants aromas, full and complex finish.
166 Domaine de Chevalier Grand Cru
2008 BHD 299
Sweet red berries fruits, supple, touch of vanilla, licorice, leather, medium dry finish.
184 Château Smith Haut Lafitte
2014 BHD 160
Black cherry, bitter chocolate nose, blueberry compote, earthy with lots of character.
334 Château Roquetaillade Bernet
2015 BHD 65
Dark fruits, earthy, touch of cocoa, plums and chocolate, full-bodied, smooth dry finish.


163 Château Duhart-Milon 4ème
Grand Cru Classé
2010 BHD 325
Blackberry, cherry, cedar, cigar box, leather, tobacco, subtle oak, full-bodied dry finish.

Saint Emilion

374 Château Haut-Pontet St Emilion
Grand Cru
2016 BHD 79
Plums, Cherry, touch of smoke, tobacco, vanilla, silky tannins, firm acidity dry finish.
186 Château Canon La Gaffelière 1er
Grand Cru Classé
2016 BHD 175
Aromas of blueberries, blackberries, tobacco, truffle, full-bodied with structure, finesse.
195 Château La Clotte St Emilion Grand
Cru Classé
2010 BHD 99
Aromas of dark cherries, vanilla, truffle, cocoa, oak, structured with a pleasant dry finish.
191 Château La Marzelle St Emilion
Grand Cru Classé
2016 BHD 140
Aromas of dark berry fruits, prune, plums, earthy, spice, smoky, oaky, silky smooth finish.
170 Château Caillou D’Arthus St Emilion
Grand Cru
2018 BHD 55
Aromas of plums, dark fruits, leather, tobacco, oak notes, medium bodied dry finish.
193 Château Laroque St Emilion Grand
Cru Classé
2018 BHD 85
Aromas of black fruits, star anise, unsmoked cigar, black plums, fragrant long firm finish.
199 Château Montlabert St Emilion
Grand Cru
2018 BHD 99
A juicy blend of blackberry, chocolate,
walnuts, spice notes, full-bodied, elegant finish.

134 Château Mangot St Emilion
Grand Cru
2017 BHD 79
Aromas of dark fruits, eucalyptus, mint, cloves, integrated oak notes, supple, juicy, yet dry finish.
120 Château Grand Pontet St Emilion
Grand Cru Classé
2018 BHD 99
Aromas of dark fruits, expresso, dark cherries, plum, liquorice, complex silky dry finish.
Moulis en Médoc
188 Château Chasse-Spleen
2018 BHD 99
Aromas of blackcurrant, cherry, vanilla, firm tannins, smoky, leather full-bodied finish.
121 Château Poujeaux
2018 BHD 120
Aromas of black cherries, plum, cocoa, tobacco notes, succulent, round, fresh dry finish.

ITALY and NEW WORLD (South Africa)

112 San Fiorenzo Bolgheri (ITA)
2018 BHD 59
Aromas of black fruits, plums, minty notes, cherry, bramble, firm tannins, structured finish.
130 Zorgvliet Richelle (SA)
2017 BHD 54
Blackcurrant, pencil lead and red fruits, tobacco, oak, cedar, structured elegant finish.



Pinot Noir is a fragrant, sensuous black wine grape variety from France. It’s one of France’s oldest grape variety, cultivated for more than a thousand years by the Cistercian monks in Burgundy. Due to its difficulty to grow and popularity it is now produced in more regions around the world to meet the rise in demand.
Let’s travel to the Americas, USA and Chile to discover Pinot Noir’s new territories leading to a rewarding experience for the inquisitive mind and the thirst for travel.


365 Beaune ‘Epenottes’ Domaine du
Pavillon Bichot
2015 BHD 105
Various notes of red berries, some earth, supple, velvety, medium bodied dry finish.
174 Santenay 1er Cru ‘La Maladière’ Les
2017 BHD 85
Aromas of black, red cherries, violets, licorice, smooth tannins, good acidity, dry finish.
127 Gevrey- Chambertin Vallet Frères
2015 BHD 90
Delicate aromas of strawberry, forest floor, earthy, gamey, firm acidity, elegant finish.

NEW WORLD (USA, New Zealand)

137 Pinot Noir Nielson Santa
Barbara County (USA)
2015 BHD 67
Aromas of dark cherries, cinnamon,
clove, star anise, smoke, earth, silky,
long dry finish.
114 Pinot Noir Ata Rangi
Martinborough (NZ)
2016 BHD 90
Aromas of ripe cherries, plums, cedar, oak, earthy mushrooms with a dry intense finish.


142 Pinot Noir Gran Reserva Novas
Emiliana (Organic) (CHI)
2021 BHD 28
Aromas of cherry, raspberry, spice notes, ripe black summer fruits, silky dry finish.
168 Pinot Noir Pai Tabali
2018 BHD 115
Aromas of dark fruits, spice, creamy, toasty notes, complex with lots of depth, tasty finish.
173 Pinot Noir El Infiernillo
2021 BHD 26
Aromas of wild strawberries, cranberry, touch of spices, oak, elegant and long dry finish.



Cabernet sauvignon makes medium to full-bodied wines. It has strong tannins that mellows with age. It has great affinity for oak, it can grow in a wide variety of climate. You will come across aromatic and flavours of blackcurrant, licorice, black cherry, plums, tobacco, leather and vanilla, black pepper, spices. Cabernet sauvignon grape is a hybrid grape, originally formed by the crossing of Cabernet franc (Red grape variety) and Sauvignon blanc (White grape variety).
Here are some truly smashing wines from the USA and South America displaying a wide array of styles and appealing flavours.

NEW WORLD (USA, Argentina, Australia, Chile, South Africa)

103 Cabernet Sauvignon Clos du Val
Napa Valley (USA)
2018 BHD 85
Aromas of blackcurrant, spice, black fruits, dried herbs, smoky, mint, powerful long finish.
118 Cabernet Sauvignon Chateau Ste
Michelle (USA)
2018 BHD 51
Aromas of blackcurrant, dried herbs, spices, oak, pleasant fruit forward with a rich finish.
126 Cabernet Sauvignon Terrazas
de Los Andes (ARG)
2020 BHD 52
Aromas of Blackberry, cassis, plum, vanilla, cocoa, luxurious, structured, rich dry finish.
181 Cabernet Sauvignon Ernie Els
Major Series (SA)
2017 BHD 59
Aromas of dark berry fruits, black cherry, cigar notes, plums, Medium-bodied dry finish.
161 Cabernet Sauvignon The Good
Luck Club (AUS)
2021 BHD 39
Aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, creamy oak, lush, rich, juicy full flavoured finish.
119 Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva
Novas (Organic) (CHI)
2020 BHD 33
Aromas of ripe blackcurrant, plums, blackberries, chocolate, vanilla, full smooth and round finish.


Syrah a dark-skinned red grape variety producing typically bold, medium to full-bodied with aromatic notes of smoky scents, black fruits, pepper, and spices. After a French stop, we are heading towards the New World but not before a slight detour through Spain.


324 St Joseph St Cosme
2016 BHD 79
Dark berry fruits, spices, smoky bacon, coffee notes, full-bodied yet suave, succulent.
151 St Joseph Esprit de Granit Cave de
2018 BHD 71
Aromas of sweet dark cherry, chocolate, vanilla, mint, structured full-bodied dry finish.
397 Cornas Les Arènes Sauvage Cave
de Tain
2017 BHD 99
Aromas of plummy blackberry fruits, toasty notes, spice notes, complex intense finish.

NEW WORLD (Australia, South Africa, Spain)

370 Syrah The Bernard Series Basket
Press Bellingham (SA)
2018 BHD 75
Aromas of dark berry fruits, violets, pepper, spice, leather, oak notes, full-bodied finish.
393 Shiraz Moonambel Dalwhinnie
2013 BHD 95
Generous black fruits, earthy notes, cigar box, sweet edge with a great full-bodied dry finish.
200 Shiraz Knock Knock Smalltown
Vineyards (AUS)
2020 BHD 42
Aromas of blackberry fruits, toasty oak notes, plum, fruit cake, long and rich finish.
123 Syrah Porcupine Ridge
Boekenhoutkloof (SA)
2021 BHD 33
Aromas of black fruits, juicy plums, smoky notes, bramble fruits, cloves supple dry finish.
162 Syrah Huerta Taberner (SPA)
2016 BHD 61
Aromas of black fruits, plums, spicy notes, pepper, violets, leather, complex finish.
139 Shiraz McKelvey Vineyard Keith
Tulloch (AUS)
2019 BHD 49
Aromas of raspberry, cherry, pepper, sandalwood, toasted oak, firm tannins, yet elegant finish.



Monovarietal meaning one sole grape variety is used to make these wines like the ones from Italy Pugnitello, Sangiovese, Barbera, offer more options to the wine drinker. as these grape varieties are only to be found in Italy.
Spain with the Tinto Fino grape variety used in Ribera del Duero and in Rioja where it is called Tempranillo, also tantalizing Bobal variety as well as Zweigelt from Austria.
What about Malbec from Argentina! Also, let’s not overlook the home grape variety Bonarda.
Merlot of course, needs no introduction can be found in Italy’s cool climate region, Pietmonte.


106 Rosso di Montalcino Tenuta Col
2015 BHD 72
Plump aromas of dark cherries, pleasant oak scent, dry, smooth medium bodied finish.
202 Merlot Soliti Tenuta Il Cascinone
2021 BHD 26
Dark plums, blackberry ripe fruits character, rustic, silky medium to full bodied dry finish.
108 Barbera d’Asti Superiore
‘Cremosina’ Bersano
2014 BHD 75
Full bodied, firm tannins, firm acidity, sweet spices, vanilla, blackberry and cherry notes.
382 Chianti Classico Riserva San Felice
Il Grigio
2019 BHD 49
Black cherries, blackberries, earthy notes, spices, truffle, tobacco, long smooth finish.
201 Chianti Classico DOCG
Villa La Pagliaia
2020 BHD 41
Aromas of black cherry, plum, spice, leather, cedar notes, firm acidity, rich smooth dry finish.
215 Pugnitello San Felice
2016 BHD 75
Plums, cherry notes, tobacco, spices, firm structure, leather earth, medium bodied finish.

REST OF THE WORLD (Argentina, Spain, South Africa, Austria, and Chile)

125 Merlot Porcupine Ridge (SA)
2020 BHD 33
Aromas of plums, cranberry, cinnamon, cloves, herbs, silky vibrant medium-bodied dry finish.
395 Dominio de Atauta (SPA)
2014 BHD 65
Violet notes, leather, blackberries, blackcurrant, oak, dense, elegant full-bodied finish.
110 Zweigelt Classsic Style Sepp
Moser (AT)
2020 BHD 31
Aromas of raspberry, plum, herbs,
white pepper, sweet spice, medium
bodied dry finish.
124 Merlot Tabali Pederegoso
Gran Reserva (CHI)
2020 BHD 33
Aromas of black plums, dark spices, violets, oak, lasting medium to full-bodied finish.
333 Finca Villacreces (SPA)
2016 BHD 75
Aromas of dark cherries, cocoa, creamy oak, expresso notes, complex smoky aftertaste.
111 Malbec Terrazas de Los Andes
2020 BHD 52
Aromas of blueberry, raspberry, cigar box, rounded tannins, bold, firm dry finish.
145 Bobal Bobos Finca Casa La
Borracha (SPA)
2018 BHD 57
Aromas of black fruits, blackcurrant, bramble, toasty balsamic notes, rich full finish.
143 Rioja Gómez Cruzado Reserva
2014 BHD 57
Aromas of wild berries, cigar, balsamic, forest floor, medium to full-bodied finish

131 Bonarda Nieto Partida Limitada
2019 BHD 67
Aromas of black fruits, pepper,
Leather, tobacco, plums, rich,
complex silky dry finish.
133 Rioja Gran Reserva Ontañon
2010 BHD 67
Aromas of dark fruits, spices, tobacco, dried fruits, smooth, full flavoured finish.
105 Malbec Uno Antigal (ARG)
2019 BHD 34
Aromas of plums, violets,
blackberries, vanilla, chocolate, firm,
ripe tannins, smooth finish.

(Multivarietal Blend)

The art of wine blending gives winemakers the opportunity to mix different grape varieties together to add complexity and balance to their wines. The usual suspects from France are Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault, and Grenache.
Italy with Malvasia Nera, Abrusco blended with the grape from Tuscany Sangiovese makes a truly unique Chianti Classico from a fantastic vintage the Il Grigio Gran Selezione made by San Felice estate.
Amarone and little brother Valpolicella Ripasso are a combined effort of three grape varieties, Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella from Veneto Northern Central part of Italy. Merum Priorati from Spain offers also a great alternative.


342 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Arc du
2014 BHD 85
Black cherry and plums, sweet spices, black pepper, medium bodied, round and smooth.
113 Château Coulon Corbières
2020 BHD 37
Aromas of morello Cherries, herbal and thyme notes and wood notes, spice, savoury dry finish.
322 Côtes du Roussillon ‘Authentique’
Domaine Lafage
2016 BHD 41
Black forest fruits, plums, cedar, vanilla, blackcurrant, juicy, spicy, full bodied dry finish.

REST OF THE WORLD (Argentina, Italy and Spain)

177 Chianti Classico Il Grigio Gran
Selezione (ITA)
2016 BHD 75
Aromas of dark cherry, violets, baking spice, licorice, leather, medium-bodied dry finish.
171 Amarone Della Valpolicella
Aristocratico (ITA)
2017 BHD 55
Packed with notes of dark fruits, tobacco, spices, round yet bold with an elegant finish.

229 Valpolicella Ripasso Aristocratico
2019 BHD 28
Dark cherries, vanilla, chocolate notes, medium to full body, complex dry fresh finish.
101 Profoundo Bressia (ARG)
2017 BHD 57
Aromas of blackberry, strawberry, chocolate, tobacco, vanilla, harmonious long dry finish.
396 Merum Priorati Ardiles (SPA)
2019 BHD 57
Aromas of black cherries, plums, toasted oak, vanilla, smooth yet powerful finish.