Dinner Menu

Tidbits & Pupus

Island Tidbits (G)   

The Trader’s most popular pupu platter for two
Crispy prawns, crab rangoon,
 Jalapeño cheese balls, chicken wings (A)

empura Calamari (G)    

Crisp calamari with garlic chili aioli 

Crispy Prawns (G)    

Marinated & coated in Japanese bread crumbs

Jalapeño Cheese Balls  (V) (G)  

Cheddar & Emmental cheese, fresh coriander
Chopped jalapeños coated in panko, fried golden

Beef Cho Cho (G) 

Rare beef skewers, soy-ginger glaze 
Finished at the table over a flaming hibachi

5 Spice Chicken Wings  (A) (G)    

Braised in brandy & spices, fried crispy
Finished with 5 spice seasoning

Crab Rangoon (G)     

Vic’s favorite tidbit, these crispy crab & cream cheese filled wontons are sure to kickstart your appitite!

Chicken Skewers  (N)   

Marinated chicken breast skewers
Served with homemade peanut sauce & sweet chili sauce

Soups…Salads…& Starters

Wonton Soup  (G)  

Prawn & chicken dumplings
Pak choi, mushrooms, snow peas

Seafood Tom Yum  

Spicy broth, seafood, galangal
Tomatoes, lemon leaves 

Chicken Corn Soup  

Shredded chicken, sweet corn
Organic eggs, celery & carrots

Creole Fish Soup  (A)  

Black mussels, prawns, hammour & calamari

Tomato Soup (A) (V)  

Served with parmesan bruschetta

Tuna Inaka-Ya Salad

Marinated tuna, mixed salad, Asian salsa dressing

Green Papaya Salad  (N) (V) (G)      

Shredded green papaya, Thai dressing

Trader Vic’s Salad  (G)  

Poached shrimp, mixed greens, palm hearts
Our famous Javanese dressing

Caesar Salad  (G)   

Shaved parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing
Add chicken, shrimp or crab

Fine de Claire Oysters           

Half dozen oysters, shallot vinegar
Lemon wedge

Prawns a La Plancha         

Grilled jumbo prawns, coriander
Garlic butter sauce

King Crab Cakes (G)      

Alaskan king crab, rocket salad
Chili sauce & tomato

Shrimp & Avocado Supreme (G) 

Poached shrimp & avocado
Finished in Javanese dressing

Chicken Potstickers (G)       

Pan fried dumplings, garlic soy vinaigrette

Kauala Croquettes (v)        

Potato, gruyere cheese, Shiitake mushroom
garlic sauce 

Grilled Calamari          

A la plancha grilled with coriander
Chopped tomatos, lemon juice & togarashi

Trader Vic’s Favorites

Petit Fillet Mignon & Foie Gras (A)      

Mashed potatoes, steamed asparagus
Grilled mango, cabernet sauce 

Fillet of Beef Flambé (A)      

Sliced beef tenderloin, brandy              
Mustard, flambéed tableside 

Seafood Parrillada          

Mixed seafood platter 
Served with spinach & saffron butter sauce

Coconut Fire Rice (V) 

Creamy risotto, spicy red thai curry, asparagus
Butternut squash, shiitake mushrooms
*Add chicken, shrimp or salmon

Seared Saku Tuna  (G)        

Pink peppercorn sesame crust
Pak choi, soy mustard sauce

1 kg Canadian Lobster (G)    | .5kg (G)

Choice of: 

– Grilled with lemon butter sauce 
– Thermidor with creamy mushrooms (A)
– Wok’d with scallions, soy-oyster sauce

Trader Vic’s 5 Spice Half Duck (G)

Mushu pancakes, scallions, cucumber
Hoisin plum sauce

Prawns San Francisco (A) (G) 

White wine sauce, parmesan, croutons
Sautéed spinach, jasmine rice 

Grilled Hammour        

Roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables
Lemon butter sauce

Miso Cod (G)     

Crab and shrimp dumplings, dashi-soy broth
Braised daikon

Fisherman’s Spaghetti (A) (G)

Mixed seafood, creamy spicy sauce
Spaghetti, prepared tableside 

From the Wok

Spicy Chili Hammour (G)    

Capsicums, onions, carrots

Thai chilies, spicy sauce 

Chili Beef (G)        

Steak strips, long beans, spicy szechwan sauce

Singapore Noodles (G)  

Mild curry flavored rice vermicelli, chicken
Shrimp, Asian vegetables

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Chicken cubes in sweet & sour sauce
Capsicums, pineapple and onions

Chicken Chow Mein (N) (G)

Egg noodles, chicken strips, almond flakes
Asian vegetables, soy oyster sauce 

Szechwan Prawns  (G)  

Butterfly prawns, Asian vegetables
Spicy szechwan sauce 

Soy Ginger Seabass (G)       

Steamed Hong Kong style with soy ginger
Scallion, shiitake mushroom, baby pak choy

Beef & Reef (G)     

Wok’d beef tenderloin, lobster, garlic soy sauce
Snow peas, scallions, red onion, jasmine rice

Spicy Chili Tofu (v)(G)    

Capsicums, carrots, onions, Thai chilies
Spicy sauce

Kung Pao Chicken (N)(G)    

Bamboo shoot, water chestnut, dried chili
celery, red onion, cashews, red & green peppers

Signature Curries

Trader Vic’s Madras Curry

Just enough spice
Please select one of the following below
Chicken     Lamb     Prawns     Vegetables & Tofu  (V)

Red Thai Curry  

Mixed capsicum, onions, celery, water chestnuts, steamed rice
Please select one of the following below
Chicken     Seafood    Vegetables & Tofu   (V) 

Green Thai Curry  

Carrots, eggplant, onions, steamed rice
Please select one of the following below
Chicken     Seafood    Vegetables & Tofu   

Indonesian Chicken Yellow Curry 

Morning Glory leaves, Sambal, coconut milk, ginger, yellow curry paste
Served with steamed rice

From the Wood Fired Ovens

Indonesian Rack of Lamb(N)(G)    

Singapore noodles, grilled pineapple
Peanut butter, mango chutney 

Half BBQ Chicken (G)      

Soy marinade, wok’d vegetables, tarragon sauce 

BBQ Scottish Salmon (G)

Chimichuri sauce, parsnip puree
Assorted vegetables

Caribbean Sea Bass (G)

Jerk marinade, roasted potatoes

At Trader Vic’s we continue the Trader’s tradition of dipping our steaks in his signature Chinese soy marinade, then suspending the meat on metal hooks at 500 degrees with a touch of smoke to create the perfect steak! We add a brush of wasabi thyme butter to complete the one of kind flavor!

All steaks are served with steamed vegetables & gratin potatoes
Your choice of black pepper, mushroom, or béarnaise sauce

220g Beef Fillet Mignon  

220g New York Steak

300g Rib Eye Steak    

Chateaubriand  (Tableside, serves 2)                                

1.2kg USDA Tomahawk    (serves 2)                                


Mashed Potatoes   (V)

Spinach (V)

Shrimp Fried Rice (G)

Garlic Fried Rice (V) (G)

Stir Fried Vegetables  (v)       

Sautéed Button Mushrooms  (v)               

Chicken & Egg Fried Rice  (G)     

Vegetable Fried Rice  (v) (G)      

Hawaiian Specialities

Braised Beef Bao     

Short rib, pickled vegetables
Mongolian sauce

Lomi-Lomi Salmon   

Cured salmon, avocado cubes
Bell pepper, diced tomato, taro chips
Spicy soy, sesame oil

Huli Huli Chikcen (G)    

Grilled & glazed chicken, grilled fresh pineapple
Spring onions, served with jasmine rice

Hawaiian meatballs (G)     

Oven baked meatballs, vegetable fried rice
Spicy ginger pineapple sauce

Crusted  Seabass  (N)

Macadamia Nut Crusted, Green curry vegetables
Yam puree, Thai basil and white basmati rice

Tropical Island BBQ (G)   

Peri peri prawns, jerk Hammour, huli huli chicken
Soy ginger marinade beef kebbab
Served with coriander chutney & vegetable fried rice