Bar Bites

Tidbits & Pupus

Island Tidbits  (V) (G)   

The Trader’s most popular pupu platter for two
Crispy prawns, crab rangoon, jalapeño cheese balls,
Chicken wings (A)

Tempura Calamari (G)    

Crisp calamari, fresh coriander, garlic chili aioli

Crispy Prawns  (G)   

Marinated & coated in Japanese bread crumbs

Jalapeño Cheese Balls    (V) (G)   

Cheddar & Emmental cheese, fresh coriander
Chopped jalapeños coated in panko, fried golden

Beef Cho Cho (G)  

Rare beef skewers, soy-ginger glaze 
Finished at the table over a flaming hibachi

5 Spice Chicken Wings  (A)(G)   

Braised in brandy & spices, fried crispy
Finished with 5 spice seasoning

Crab Rangoon (G)    

Vic’s favorite tidbit, these crispy crab & cream cheese filled wontons are
Sure to kickstart your appitite!

Chicken Skewers (N)     

Marinated chicken breast skewers
Served with homemade peanut sauce & sweet chili sauce

Bar Bites

Fine de Claire Oysters    

Half dozen oysters, shallot, vinegar, lemon wedge

Prawns a La Plancha    

Grilled jumbo prawns, coriander, garlic butter sauce

Taro Chips     

Housemade, crisp & salted

Basket of Vic’s Fries    

Bamboo basket full of fries with curry ketchup 

Pot Stickers (G)     

Steamed or pan fried & served with soy honey dipping
Choice of chicken or duck

Grilled Calamari   

A la plancha grilled with coriander, chopped tomatos
Lemon juice & togarashi

Korean Tacos (G)   

Your choice of prawns, beef, or chicken
Sushi rice, nori sheet, kimchi, lime chili aioli

Chicken Kofta Skewers   

Served with coriander chutney

Crab Tostadas   

Crisp tortilla, guacamole, crab meat, mango
Celery, shallots, lemon juice


Green Papaya Salad (N) (G)   

Shredded green papaya, Thai dressing

Trader Vic’s Salad (G)  

Mixed greens, palm hearts, our famous Javanese dressing

Tuna Inaka-Ya Salad     

Marinated tuna, mixed salad, Asian salsa dressing

Caesar Salad  (G)    

Romaine, shaved parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing

Add grilled chicken, shrimp or crab

Maki Rolls

California Roll   

Crabstick, avocado, cucumber, tobiko

Sunshine Crab Roll     

Crabstick, shredded crab, cucumber, cream cheese, spicy mayo

Salmon Avocado Roll  

Salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese

Tuna Roll  

Saku tuna, panko prawns, cream cheese, spring onion topping

Vegetable Roll  (v)    

Crunchy vegetables, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo   

Mains & Sandwiches

Trader Vic’s Burger  (G)   

Homemade beef patty, sesame crusted brioche bun
Add cheese or bacon (beef/turkey)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich  (G)  

Shredded iceberg, mayonnaise, ciabatta bread

Lobster Roll (G)    

Rock lobster, turkey bacon, egg, tomato, wasabi mayo

Maui Filet Steak Sandwich  (G)    

Sautéed onions, béarnaise sauce, ciabatta bread
Add cheese 

Chicken Penne Pasta (N)(G)   

Mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, macadamia cuts

Choice of tomato, cream or rosé sauce

Spicy Chili Hammour  (G)   

Capsicums, onions, carrots, Thai chilies, spicy sauce

Roasted Duck (G)   

Slow roast duck, vegetable fried rice, plums sauce

Trader Vic’s Fish and Chips (G)    

Battered dory fish fillet, katsu slaw, French fries