Bar Bites
 Crêpe Suzette (A)

Orange sauce, flambéed tableside 

Ice Cream

Your choice of 3 scoops from the following:

Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, rum raisin, coconut, avocado 


Mango, passion fruit, lime 

Chocolate Volcano

Chocolate fondant, vanilla ice cream 

Banana Fritter

Crème anglaise & coconut ice cream 

Mai Tai Crème brûlée (gf)

Vanilla pineapple compote 

Banana Island Chocolate Mousse (n)

Trader Vic’s coconut peanut butter 

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake

Raspberry coulis 

Apple Napolean

Caramelized apple, Mille- feuille

Puff Pastry 

Tropical Fruit on ice (gf)

Mango, pineapple, kiwi, papaya, rock melon 

Tiki Cheese Platter (n)

Selection of 6 gourmet cheeses, dried fruits, nuts, chutney

Served with crackers